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Attention HACC Fall Semester 2021 Students: Because of the ongoing pandemic all HACC textbook and general merchandise, including apparel, school supplies, gift items, and electronic merchandise are no longer available through the Lancaster bookstore website but can be purchased from the Harrisburg Bookstore website.   If you have not purchased from the Harrisburg website in the past, you will have create a new account and log in before you check out.  If you have purchased from the Harrisburg website, just log in to your Harrisburg website account before you check out.

Attention Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology Students: Use the dropdown above to order your textbooks.

Lancaster Campus Textbooks

  • Select textbooks are now available to rent online to customers with a valid HACC Student ID and a HAWKmail email address.  Just select 'New Rental' or 'Used Rental' and add the title to your cart.

  • Choose Shipping Method- UPS Ground (shipping costs) or Pick-up at ______ (no shipping costs).

  • Payments can be made by using a valid Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover), Student Financial Aid. (Before placing an online order using Financial Aid, you must click here for more information.)

  • After placing an order online, customers will receive two emails.  The first is an order confirmation email that will be sent after the order is placed.  The second is a notification that the order has been pulled and tendered successfully.  Please be sure to read each email.

  • Used textbooks sell out quickly and may or may not contain all items that are included in a new textbook package.

  • New books will be substituted and your Credit Card or Financial Aid, depending on your method of payment, will be up-charged if Used books are unavailable.

  • Pricing is subject to change without notice. We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the pricing on this web site.

  • By purchasing your books online, you acknowledge and accept all store policies.

  • Textbook information listed on this site is current and correct as provided by the faculty teaching the course.

  • In the event of a change in faculty or course materials, the information is updated as soon as we are notified by the College or faculty.

  • Books or materials purchased incorrectly from the HACC Bookstore website are fully refundable in accordance with the store's textbook return policy.

  • The HACC Bookstore is not responsible for incorrect books and materials purchased from any other source.